Touchless QR codes open new doors for various brands

QR codes are a powerful and secure physical to digital engagement channel. They give us a chance to collect first-party data and collect valuable insights about the user audience.

Our dynamic QR codes offer different user journeys depending on the association of the consumer with the brand. All product information and user journeys can be changed from the backend at any time without changing QR codes.

Landing Pages

Our solutions are mobile responsive, customisable and offer complete engagement analytics. We also offer multilingual language support to establish a deeper connect with the consumer.

The Technology

Our tech-first solution incorporates Augmented reality, one-click registration, multi-lingual, 3rd party integrations (Whatsapp, SMSs), data analytics, and Google geo integrations. Our solutions are scalable, and we treat cyber security, fraud detection, data usage consent, data privacy, and data encryption storage with utmost sincerity.

Our Solutions

We offer consumer engagement, education, online surveys, consumer instant cashbacks and any other feature that you may require. Our solutions are highly customisable to meet brand’s every needs and wants.

Brands that trust Us

EaseMyGrowth QR Code solution helps you...

Chose your product and get a branded QR code


Manage & personalize global QR Code campaigns


Measure engagement in the physical world


Capture intent in the physical world and build digital cohorts


Engage with consumers through native phone notifications, whatsapp, email and various social media channels